Now that Paul's met Mark in the main Summer Camp story (Book 4, Chapter 25), we thought the readers of TNC might enjoy meeting him.

Now normally comics with this much explicit content are reserved for our Patrons (see the Support Us tab above). We're releasing this one for everyone so that Summer Camp fans can enjoy it and so people who are considering becoming Patrons can have a better idea of what they'll get.

Specifically, we will be starting a long story comic soon for Patrons only called Desirable Layovers. It's set in the Summer Camp Universe in 1988 and follows Leah Coulter on one of her early journalism assignments. It'll be a cross between Deep Dish (with more developed story and characters) and these Cover Story comics (with their explicit sex, much of which will be in flashbacks in the early part of Desirable Layovers).

So enjoy!